Car Interior Repairs

Since 2002, Insides has specialized in repairing the interior of cars and trucks. Insides can also take care of boats, motorcycles, scooters and much more. We can repair plastic, vinyl, leather and carpeting.

Your car has a lot of damages and you worry that it will cost a fortune to repair? Don't worry; Insides offerspackages that will suit your budget.

Insides techniques on selected materials


For damages done by cigarette burns on fabric, Insides infuses fabric fibres in the hole and seals it to stop the hole from getting bigger. Insides guarantees to restore the original look of your seat, carpet, door panel or dashboard.

The same procedure is used for cuts in fabric.

For unstitched seams on car seats, re-stitching top seams can be performed without having to take out the seat.

Insides can also repair cigarette burns on the interior roof of the car.


Scratches, cigarette burns, cuts and worn out leather can be easily repaired. Insides employs a technique developed at Insides where two kinds of pastes are blended together and heated at a high temperature. The first paste seals and imitates the appearance of the leather.

To finalize the repair, Insides uses a dye to match the colour of the leather. The original look of the leather is restored with no trace of the damage. This technique can be used in boats, motorcycles, scooters and RVS.

Insides can also repair worn out leather steering wheels, including minor damages.

Stain removal on seat covers is done by matching the colour of the dye to the original colour.


The procedure used for vinyl is similar to the one used for leather. Insides uses a paste, made especially for the repair of vinyl. This paste is heated to a high temperature, and is then applied to seal the scratch, hole or cut. With the use of a dye, the original look is restored with no trace of the damage

Vinyl is not widely used in car interiors. Vinyl interiors are more common in boats. Vinyl is very porous and is therefore; easy to stain.


Dashboards, door panels, mouldings, trunk interiors and other parts made of plastic can be repaired.

Cracks, scratches, cut, holes, burns, faded colours, and deformed plastic are a few examples of damages Insides can repair.

Many techniques are used to repair plastic. Cracks are repaired by welding the cracked component back together using a flexible resin. Reinforcement on the back of the repair is sometimes required to prevent the component from re-cracking. The texture is then recreated; whether it's a fine or larger grain. The final step is the application of colour to match the original.

Insides repairs bumpers, exterior mouldings, and rocker panels of cars that do not have a shiny finish.


Stains, burns, faded colours and holes can be repaired.

Insides ensures that burns and holes will not tear the carpet by first sealing the damage and then adding the missing part of fabric.

Insides uses a special dye to remove stains and restore the carpet to its original appearance.


Insides can also change the interior of your car. Insides can change the colour of your interior parts according to your specifications and personal taste. Your car will look stunning!

All of our work is guaranteed and is usually done in less than an hour.


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Insides is a green company since repairs parts, rather than change, while maintaining the original appearance of the original materials of your vehicle.


Our team will move on site to make repairs!